Asia and Patrick were the winners of my first ever giveaway! Most of my couples hear about me through a friend, but they were one of the first where we didn’t have any mutual friends. They truly didn’t know what to expect, and we had A BLAST!

Although we don’t have any mutual friends, THE CRAZIEST thing is Asia’s family is from the mountains in Poland, and their family friend’s own one of the best restaurants in my mom’s home village of Rabka where my family would eat at anytime we visited Poland. WILD. Absolutely WILD. How huge, yet how small this world really is!

We met up in Elora and explored the gorge with their little dog Hiro, who was THE CUTEST. Being able to show my couples hidden gems like this one is my favourite thing ever.

Asia and Pat unfortunately had to postpone their wedding to 2021 due to Miss Rona and we were able to treat this session as a re-engagement shoot to still celebrate their relationship even though this year came with a lot of disappointments. Being able to look at the small things in your life that bring you joy or put a smile on your face is really the only way to get through these strange times and not lose hope.

Dedicate yourself to joy. Joy is not somewhere in the past, as cheesy as it sounds, joy is everywhere we are. The thing that changes is our awareness to its presence. It’s not about finding it along the way, but being so dedicated to find it, no matter what.

Find strength in those moments; the small instances of joy in your daily life. There is ALWAYS joy to become aware of.



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