I'm a photographer & storyteller based in Ontario, but constantly trying to find the beautiful unexplored corners Canada has to offer. I have a soft spot for mountains and stolen kisses, and honestly laugh too much. I've done my fair share of travelling, and let me tell you I'm always down for a road trip or a crazy sunrise hike. My never-ending travel list is always itching for new places to adventure to, so HOLLA if you've got a sick spot you want to frolic at.

Get this, I get to be in the middle of SO MANY love stories. You may ask yourself, don't you get sick of weddings and being surrounded by people loving on each other??? And let me answer this honestly... HECK NOOO. Give me all the cuddles, give me all the snuggles. It truly is an incredible place to be surrounded by genuine happiness, wild love and some dope views along the way.

Hola my dudes,



Being a photographer


than taking pictures.

is so much more than taking

is so much more

I'm here to give you so much more than some pretty pictures. When you look at your images, I want you to feel the love that is in your life, that it's truly there, surrounding you in the small moments.

I want you to see what a beautiful soul you have when you laugh so hard tears come from your eyes. I want to capture how it FEELS; photos should drop you right back into the experience, into those memories.

I'm not here to just show up with a camera, shoot and leave. I want to be so much more than that for you; you deserve more than that.

Yes, the centre pieces will be nice, the flowers will smell heavenly, but the photos are the only thing you'll have to look back on when the day is done. Photos are the only thing that will outlive you, so why not invest in something that will be passed down?


that marriage is something big, new, extraordinary, be it an adventure full of surprises, and your Wedding Day is just the beginning of this amazing chapter in your life - call it "Day One".

the photos are reminders of what you promised that day.
Being able to look back at these real memories when times get tough, is a blessing - to remind you of the vocation of love you took.

(and forever.)

(and screamed from the rooftops.)


I believe -

it's for real, yo

your love should be loud

so be obnoxious about it.

Love is a reminder of the good that exists in the world. And that my dear friend is something you should flaunt.

At the end of the day I do care so so much, and want to make a meaningful experience for you, because your love deserves that.

Trust me, getting your photos taken doesn't have to suck, because this is so much more than taking pretty pictures together, it's about exposing your wild hearts. 

Let me capture your love - as it is.

I want us to walk away from this as friends. Honestly.

Let me capture your love - as it is.

I want us to walk away from this as friends. Honestly.

Want more info on my approach?

okaaaaaay enough mushy stuff, here's a bit more about your official snack provider.


+ I'll take mountains over the city, any day.

+ I laugh at everything. And I mean everything. This is a warning.

+ My favourite feeling is when you're looking up at an unobstructed sky full of stars, and you feel like the smallest creation. You really feel how amazing God is in those moments.

+ It's no secret, traveling is a deep love of mine. (Peep my travel deets).

+ If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be grilled cheese.

+ I'm obsessed with flowers. And plants. I'm always looking for wildflowers, and WILL pull over if I see some.

+ My favourite couples to photograph are the ones who don't mind dirt on their pants, getting their hair a bit messy, and who are down to climb some stuff.

+ The first promise I will make you is my supply of snacks will never run dry.

+ Mówię po polsku.


Take me to your favourite places;
to the places where the most special moments happened.
I want to tell your story, show your love, witness your goofiness,
but most importantly - I want to know you guys.

​Tell me what makes you laugh the loudest, what song makes you cry the hardest. Tell me about how you fell in love, your favourite way to make pizza, the first moment your heart skipped a beat.

​Yes, I want to make some dope photos with you, but I want you to walk away with more than images, I want you to feel more in love than when we started and be reminded how much good there is in the world;
found in all the tiny-in-between moments.


are we a match? is it a date?

slide on into my DM's.

Let's plan the most amazing adventure,
and chase some sunsets, bruh!