Michella gave me a call the morning of our shoot, wanting to reschedule our session because of the storm warning that was put out that morning. I convinced her that we will have good weather, and we should embrace whatever the weather will be. However, have you ever had a picnic in the cold? Not so great, I must say.

As I was pulling into Mount Nemo Conservation Area, 30 minutes before our shoot was supposed to start, there was a huge snow storm complete with negative temperatures and freezing cold wind. My heart dropped. “We should have rescheduled” I thought. But low and behold, as Michella and Robbie pull up, the sun comes out, THE SUN IS BEAMING DOWN, enough to melt away the snow that had just fallen. We bundled up and headed to our spot.

As we were walking Robbie told me a cool metaphor Michella’s mom shared with them, it went something like this:
There are many seasons of love, much like there are seasons to the year. Love goes through phases of blooming, growing, changing and stillness. And how incredible that you both will have each other for those incredible, at times tough, but still incredible seasons.

It was WILD how we got all the seasons during this session, the leaves were just finishing changing as it was the end of October, the sun was beaming and warming our faces and we even got some snow, all in one day.


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