How do you trick your fiancée who isn’t your fiancee yet into having your proposal photographed without giving it away to your fiancée? Enter me.

Konrad was planning on proposing to Iza in October and got in touch with me to help plan it. It’s not unlike me to ask my friends to model for me when I have a shoot idea, so me being sneaky I messaged Iza asking if she’d be down for a pizza picnic. The rest was history.

We ended up heading to the spot where Konrad knew he loved Iza, which was on a trail by Adamson Estate in Mississauga. We started off casually with some pizza in the park and later headed over to a path where Konrad got down on one knee and proposed. We celebrated with popping some champagne. For the rest of the evening Iza was in complete and utter shock which was so so good.

Listen to the song that was playing during their big moment and let’s AWWWWWWW together.



Ready to get this

Ready to get this