Ania lived in Montreal, Quebec and Patryk lived near London, Ontario. A loooooong 7 hour and 13 minute journey separated them. At least one weekend a month was set aside to see each other in person, Patryk would either drive, or Ania would train because let’s be real, phone calls just ain’t enough. In the entirety of their dating/engaged relationship, 740,200kms were travelled.
This day was the final day of traveling. Ania and Patryk’s relationship is a testament to: if something is important to you, you make time, you make it a priority, you put in all the effort you can to keep that someone in your life.

“Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.” — Bruce Cockburn

Ania and Patryk wrote each other letters for the morning with which each got a gift. Patryk is the KING of gifts, he got Ania a full deck of cards, each with a reason why he loves her. At the time Ania didn’t notice one card was missing, but at their first look in front of Sacred Heart in Kitchener, he handed her the final card, which was the Queen of Hearts, because, “You’ve been and will be the Queen of my Heart.”
I’m DEAD. It doesn’t get cuter than that.

In the Polish culture, there’s a tradition called “brama weselna” which is a wedding gate on the day of the wedding. The couple is met with some sort of blockade on their way to church, after church or on their way to the reception. Sometimes you can expect a rope that can only be removed if tasks are completed or if a suitable bribe is handed over (usually a bottle of vodka). Patryk’s cousins set a brama up on the way back to the reception. They set up handy tasks that Patryk had to complete to prove he would be able to take care of Ania; plant a tree, hammer some nails and of course care for a “baby”.
Another beautiful tradition that has been around for a long time is, upon entering the reception hall, the couple is met by the parents with bread and salt. The bread is given in hopes that the newlyweds will never go hungry, and the salt conveys that it may get difficult but the couple must learn to cope with the struggles of married life.

Their wedding was so charged with love, from the two of them but also from their loved ones who surrounded them. Imma stop talking so you can look.


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