Going to a special spot for your engagement session really adds sentiment to your photos. You’re able to have a place that is near and dear to your heart immortalized with your favourite person standing by your side. That’s exactly what we did with two of my most favourite people.

Nicole and Lukasz are literally down for anything. No, but seriously, there is no one better to frolic with. This weekend was so so so much fun, and honestly I can’t believe the weather was as beautiful as it was. We were able to take in the fall colours in all of their glory.

Kaszuby in Ontario is a very special place in a lot of people’s hearts and definitely in these two hearts. Nicole and Lukasz have been apart of the Polish scouts (Harcerstwo) spending many summers at the official campground that are in Kaszuby. Their annual family cottage trip happens under those wide open skies as well and so many other beautiful memories that naming them all would take too long.

These two are two of the sweetest souls I know, and am so thankful to have them in my life. Their relationship is one for the books, as I have never seen two people push each other, encourage each other and just love each other the way Nicole and Lukasz do.

I CANNOT wait for your wedding coming up this year my dear friends!!!!

We hiked to 2 awesome lookout points and even canoed out onto a lake as the sun was setting. We definitely gave into the cottage vibe, as we ended off the night at a friend’s dock eating the BEST donuts I have tasted. There’s nothing like cottage country bakeries my friends, nothing like ‘em.

ALSO. The last photo is by far my favourite, and that’s saying a lot since all of them are my favourite.



Ready to get this

Ready to get this