Bruce Peninsula Tobermory Engagement Session Ontario

The Bruce Peninsula is by far my favourite place in all of Ontario. The crystal blue waters just take your breath away, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Finding couples who are on the same crazy level as myself is the best; a 3.5 hour drive one way from Toronto, in one day. A lot of the time, you’ve gotta drive for the VIEWS!

Sara and Mateusz have known each other for close to 10 years, but their love didn’t spark until much, much later. How crazy is it to think how much your life can change in a decade. How much the relationships you have now will change, either grow stronger with time, or wither away with time. Thinking about the future is a freaking scary thing, especially if you’re in a season of waiting. However, the future is a place of endless possibilities, a place of dreams, goals and change. The best version of yourself is waiting in the future, you just have to be consistent and work hard to be proud of the person you will become.

BUT coming back to these lovers, let’s all agree that popping a bottle of champagne just makes everything so much better!



Ready to get this

Ready to get this