This shoot. THIS SHOOT. An idea that started with “what is the highest place in Ontario we can go to?”

A few months prior to this hike, I was talking on the phone with Ania and Robert, and we were brainstorming some spots to shoot their engagement session. Unknowingly, we were both thinking of the exact same place!!! This was a lesson in you won’t know until you ask, and boy was I glad I asked.

I got the chance to cross one of my top place off of my bucket-list in the summer of 2020. Killarney has been on the top of my Must-See list in Ontario. One of the COOLEST places in Ontario with some of the coolest people. No one else I’d rather drive over 800kms in one weekend with. Since we made a weekend camping trip out of this shoot, we ended up also going out and seeing an unobstructed sky of stars in Muskoka on our way up. UNREAL.

A hike that was said to be close to 2-hours we were able to knock out in just under an hour and a half, with a couple snack breaks (obviously). Ania and Robert also packed their traditional Polish Górale outfits, as their Polish heritage is very close to their hearts. This was the closest thing to mountains we have in Ontario, as we couldn’t travel to our beloved Tatry in Poland. Ania and Robert changed at the top right as the sun was setting, and when I say seeing the sun set on a cliff really hits differently. We ended up hiking down in the dark with only our headlamps illuminating the path.

There is really something special about being able to photograph the amazing life stages of dear friends who you’ve known for years. This always comes back to be the reason I do what I do. I’ve known Ania and Robert for many years and watched their relationship grow was something amazing.



Ready to get this

Ready to get this